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Repatriation & NAGPRA

Our university is committed to the ultimate repatriation of Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony.

Our Commitment

This website is intended to support updates and education regarding NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) and repatriation. Our collective goal is to repatriate ancestors and objects – not just to get it done but to do it right.

Doing it right relies on balancing sometimes conflicting goals, including a desire for transparency, NAGPRA regulations, tribal consultation, and harm reduction to affected communities. Out of respect for Native and Indigenous people and Native Nations, understand that means the community-at-large will not be receiving specific information surrounding repatriation.

The University of Kansas has formed a NAGPRA committee to complete the repatriation process and a Community Support committee to ensure our students, staff, and faculty are supported. We recognize the pain this causes to our community, especially Native and Indigenous students, faculty and staff. Inclusion is core to our values as a university, and we are working to provide support to those affected.

Repatriation Steps and Resources

Repatriation Steps

The University of Kansas has outlined steps we are taking to adhere to NAGPRA requirements to transfer Native American ancestral remains and other cultural items to the appropriate parties.

Support Resources

Support resources are available on and off campus for anyone having negative experiences or needing mental or emotional support related to repatriation.

Educational Resources

Looking to continue your education on NAGPRA and repatriation? We have compiled resources, events, and local repatriation initiatives.

Notices of Inventory Completion

Published Federal Register notices and repatriations by the University for holdings or collections subject to NAGPRA.

Questions or Concerns?

Start by reviewing KU's previous communications and visiting the frequently asked questions page.

If you have additional information and context about collections, repatriation, etc. please email the KU NAGPRA Committee at

If members of the press or media have requests, please contact Director of News and Media Relations Erinn Barcomb-Peterson.